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I reley liked your Books you made you are my second Best auther. my favorite is stephen king. I gust

loved your Books

--Steven Bailey, Grade 2

While prairie historian Candace Savage makes no reference to Freud in A Geography of Blood, an

engrossing and unexpectedly page-turning account of day trips in (and research about) sparsely

populated southwestern Saskatchewan, motifs of trauma, repression or recollection appear on

practically every page. Savage’s desire to publicly disinter “lost” scenes from Canada’s early days also

serves an environmental and social good for our collective consciousness.

Across 11 succinct chapters, Savage artfully blends an assortment of genres: travelogue, memoir,

detective story, philosophy and history. To her credit, she transforms a “nothing little ramble to

nowheresville” into a subtle and mournful (but humour-flecked) meditation on the relationship between

present, future and past. And, as with exceptional tour guides, her unabashed enthusiasm for the

material becomes wholly infectious.

--Brett Joseph Grabisic, Globe and Mail

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Savage, a deep thinker from Saskatoon, specializes in writing smart but concise essays about the

evolution and meaning of female archetypes (Beauty Queens, Cowgirls)  and natural history (The

Nature of Wolves, Mother Nature).

--Donna Lypchuk, Globe and Mail

Almost every page of Prairie has a stunning photograph, a clarifying map or an illustration, all expertly

woven together to relate to the history, beauty, uniqueness and diversity of the prairie... Candace

Savage’s text is not only readable, but often poetic.

--Nebraska Life eye for the unusual and the absurd.... a flair for placing the reader immediately in the scene

through evocative and humourous use of language.

-- Katherine Gordon, Globe and Mail

There's a startling intimacy to this literary encounter from which most readers are likely to emerge well

educated, informed, and curiously changed. 

-- Robert J. Wiersema, Quill and Quire

When I try to put a person to the voice in this latest book [Prairie], I imagine an enthusiastic young

professor of natural sciences (all of them), who has a limited tolerance for exclusive scientific

jargon....Contemporary science is her tool for the discovery of the miraculous and aw-inspiring in

nature....This book is for readers.

--David Carpenter, Globe and Mail

Candace Savage’s writing has the quality of a camping trip's romantic whisper; a "special" friend rousing

you in the middle of the night to come out and enjoy some best kept secret, some unseen,

unappreciated miracle of nature that you wouldn't otherwise know about.

--Chris DeVio, CD Syndicated

Recently I purchased your book "Wizard" at a 2nd hand bookstore. I can't say I knew what to expect but

reading your book was informative and  enjoyable.  It was a very pleasant surprise. After reading the

book I noticed a reference to itself inside the cover as being juvenile. I like to think of myself as young so

this is reassuring. I am a 50 plus guy. The book was extremely well illustrated too. This book was so

good I will seek out some of your other writings. Praise praise praise,

-- Don,  Des Moines, Iowa, Dec. 24, 2010

Just read WITCH. Fantastic book. Thank you. I am in the middle of researching a screenplay that has a

(you guessed it) witch as one of the main characters. Yours was the first of 30 or so books I plan to read

on the subject. And, boy, was it the right book to read first. Now every account I find will fit into a

cohesive framework of the image of witch throughout time. Very helpful.

-- Charles, January 14, 2011

I have been looking through your book [Prairie] and I am truly moved.  It is gorgeous – the maps,

photographs, etc.  Your writing is beautiful, insightful and moving... I am convinced it could be a very

useful tool for conservation.

-- Martha Kaufman, World Wildlife Fund, March 25, 2011

The sweetest new book that I’ve read so far this millennium is Candace Savage’s Bees:  Nature’s Little

Wonders...  (click to download and read the full review)

-- Thomas D. Seeley

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Prairie:  "a masterful job"

Bees:  "top animal books for 2008"

Bees: “lovely and informative”

Witch:  "Highly entertaining and informative"

Cowgirls:  "stunningly photographed, well researched and highly entertaining"

Born to Be a Cowgirl: "stories will uplift and inspire readers"


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