How to Know a Crow: The Biography of a Brainy Bird.

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For readers 9-12, get up close and personal with a clever corvid and discover the fascinating world of crows.

Crows are all around us, shouting from lamp posts, poking around on lawns, and generally taking a bright-eyed interest in everything that moves. But most of us don’t know much about their lives. In How to Know a Crow, award-winning author Candace Savage invites us into the fascinating world of these big, brash, and surprisingly brainy birds.

From the moment baby crow Oki pokes her egg tooth through her sheemerges into her nest, we are her constant companions. As we follow her through the seasons of her life, we explore how crows see and sense the world.

With How to Know a Crow, uncover the answers to questions such as:

  • Do crows have families?
  • How do crows communicate with one another?
  • Do crows play?
  • How can we interact with them?

Featuring gorgeous illustrations from Rachel Hudson, How to Know a Crow is a memorable journey of discovery.

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