The World of the Wolf

In this intimate look at wolves in the wild, Candace Savage combines an authoritative text with stunning full-color photographs by the world’s best wildlife photographers. The book begins by exploring the intense and ancient bond between people and wolves. Few species have been held in such contempt by humankind or persecuted with more devastating efficiency, yet wolves also have a special ability to kindle human sympathies, reminding us of our essential connection to wild places and wild lives.
Drawing on the most recent research, The World of the Wolf examines wolf society in all its complexity, focussing on pack structure, sex roles, and communication. It also looks at wolves as hunters and at the sensitive dynamics of predator-prey relationships. Finally, this dynamic portrait describes current conservation strategies.
Throughout, the superb photographs capture the spirit of the wolf as it raises its voice in a cool, lingering howl, lopes across a snow-blanketed field, or leaps through the air in a dramatic attack on its prey. Together, the compelling text and photographs celebrate our long-standing fascination with wolves and the inspiration we can draw from these magnificent animals.

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